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After you approve the estimate, you do not pay a cent until the job is done and you are completely happy with the result. 

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Services

Tree Removal


 This service can be packaged to include clean-up and/or stump grinding. We take care of liaising with MB Hydro or other contractors if the project requires it. 

Stump Grinding


 This removes a tree stump below grade, allowing sod to be placed or grass to be grown on top, or a new tree to be planted in the exact same place. It is also common to use this service to remove tripping hazards. 

Storm / Emergency Work


From fallen trees to drone rescues, our Arborists have done it all. This service can be packaged to include clean-up, removal/pruning services as well as stump grinding.

Tree Pruning Services

Utility Line and Building Clearance

Roof clearance, building clearance, pruning

When branches or limbs contact your roof or utility lines they can cause a lot of damage over time. This can be avoided by removing certain branches before they become a problem.

Canopy Cleaning

Arborist, climber, rappelling, SRT, pruning

If you're concerned about dead branches falling on your home, pets or family, our Canopy Cleaning is for you! We will remove dead, dying, diseased, or damaged limbs to promote tree health, safety, and beauty. 

Aesthetic Pruning

Pruning, Vista Pruning, Polesaw

Aesthetic Pruning has a goal in mind that suits the homeowner. Live branches may be removed to improve a view or access increasing the value of the property as well as value of the tree to the homeowner.

Cottage and Lake Country

 For many, the cottage and cabin becomes a second home. Your property should not have any less service because it's more remote. Our services are the same whether you are in lake country or in the city. Pruning, removals, emergency storm damage, and lot clearing are just some of our great services we offer in that area. If we have it on our service list, we offer it anywhere in our Area of Operation. 


Utility and Building Clearance


If trees are planted too close to utility lines and buildings, branches will eventually start contacting that infrastructure. This can cause problems or damage increasing building maintenance costs. These branches or limbs can be safely pruned back using proper pruning techniques. 

Hazard Pruning


Weak limbs and questionable branches are a liability waiting to happen. Don't wait for them to fail causing injury or damage. Give us a call to have it pruned before it becomes a bigger problem.

Brush Chipping and Cleanup


That pile of branches and tree debris can be cleaned up more efficiently and eco-friendly then just sending it to the landfill. Our ability to chip it down to small pieces saves space and time allowing us to do in less loads and time then a regular garbage service.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding, stump removal

Stumps can be unsightly, cause damage to lawn maintenance equipment, and be a hazardous tripping liability. Our team is able to remove these stumps mitigating all of these issues. 

Ronin Rescue


Our team's training has allowed us to work in various other industries as Rescue Technicians and Instructors for Ronin Safety and Rescue, based in Vancouver, BC. Through Ronin Rescue we provide Confined Space, Fall Protection, Mine and Rope Rescue services throughout Manitoba and NW Ontario. 

Additional Services


Milled Wood Products

We have the ability to take the wood of trees we remove and turn it into beautiful slabs and other pieces to be used in a variety of ways. 


Hedges and Shrubs

Everything from trimming, hedging, to complete removals, we do it all!


Special Projects

If you need work done that isn't part of our standard services, give us a call. Our talented team has experience in a variety of areas. We'll find a way to accomplish your project at a great rate!

About Us

Safest Crew Around. Period.

Have a look (from a safe distance) on any of our jobsites and you will see everyone from Oak, Ash and Thorn wearing their personal protection, communication sets, and most of all, working great as a team to ensure exceptional service - everytime.

Area of Operations

We'd love to hear about your tree care project regardless of where it is.  We usually operate anywhere in Winnipeg, Steinbach and Lac Du Bonnet, but travel as far East as Falcon Lake, MB and as far West as Elie, MB. 

Deployable Team

Need work done that's not in our normal work area? The versatility and flexibility of our team allows us to travel to different parts of the globe including services such as rope access, rope rescue standby or tree work.  

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