*** 'No Contact' procedures now in place for all Estimates and Scheduled Projects ***

*** Team members assisting COVID response, slower service***

Covid-19 Precautions

  There's obviously a lot changing right now due to Covid-19 and we are certainly not immune to it. Our Team has reduced to minimal staffing to help 'flatten the curve', and we've introduced new 'No-Contact' procedures for estimating projects and completing work.

We appreciate your participation in Social Distancing. 

Why slower service times... COVID Response


Award of Excellence - Support of Domestic Operations

Last year, Oak, Ash and Thorn was given the Award of Excellence for our ongoing support of Domestic Operations. In the past, these have included flood fighting and fire fighting around the country, but more routinely include giving our team significant amounts of time off, to attend training and exercises. 

We're proud of whole team for their on going service to the country.


Op Lentus - BC Fires 2018

We released a climbing tree team to the BC Fires in 2019 for a month. They took part in fire suppression operations and taught chain saw safety to their organization. 


Flood Fighting - Manitoba 2010/11

Fighting the Floods near Portage la Prairie in 2010 was the first time our members of our team ever worked with helicopters. A fun, month long deployment where we met and worked with an amazing community to accomplish a huge effort. Members of our team were awarded for being the most effective section (group of 10) of the organization. 

Unquestionable Safety + Unmistakable Value

At Oak, Ash and Thorn, we are focused on providing exceptional value to our Clients. Through our diligent adherence to safety, commitment to communication and our focus on results, our team provides safe and efficient solutions. Solutions that work.

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