*** 'No Contact' procedures now in place for all Estimates and Scheduled Projects ***

The Oak, Ash and Thorn Team

About Oak, Ash and Thorn and our Team

First of all, Thank-you for your interest in Oak, Ash and Thorn. We're glad you found our site. Since we don't actively recruit for our team, it takes people like you to help our team grow and be successful. Initiative is the key to turning dreams into reality. Initiative and hard work. 

Oak, Ash and Thorn is a climbing-centric risk management company - focusing on Tree Services, Rope Access and Consulting. We work and consult on high-risk projects and rely on our teamwork, communication, training, physical fitness and experience to get them done safely. We work closely with our clients and design custom solutions to suit their specific needs perfectly. 

We've built our company on our reputation and our team - by focusing both on delivering exceptional customer service. Just because we aren't looking - doesn't mean we aren't hiring. If you're highly skilled on rope, make decisions quickly and accurately and stay chill as a cucumber under pressure, please send an email to chris@oakashandthorn.ca, we'd love to hear from you.


The Oak, Ash and Thorn Team